Colouring & burnishing

Attractive finishes by colouring and burnishing steel and various non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, tombac and bronze.

A special patination process enables us to burnish surfaces in any shade that a customer requests.

Colouring non-ferrous metals: 
It is possible to colour non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, tombac and bronze.
For preparation, the parts / sheets are ground (rotary grinding, longitudinal grinding or untextured surface).

In finishing or colouring the surface, an artificial ageing process of the non-ferrous metals is applied meticulously by hand.
Depending on the process, a wide variety of surface effects such as smooth, mottled and marbled are achieved in all shades (light, medium and dark).
To seal the coloured sheets, after colouring they are waxed on the outside and coated on the inside.
Waxing creates a diffusion-permeable surface that continues to age naturally over time. Colouring metal sheets/profiles etc. accelerates the natural ageing process and gives their surface a refined and classy look.

Burnishing steel:
The burnishing of steel serves as a temporary corrosion protection of the surfaces. Before burnishing, the parts are degreased or, if desired, ground, then burnished in a dip tank and oiled or coated to seal the surface.

Our team can process the following dimensions/materials:
Rods and profiles up to 6m in length, sheets and plates in large formats, even oversized parts are possible on request.