Grinding, polishing, burnishing/colouring, coating and glass bead blasting.

Steel, brass, copper, tombac, bronze, stainless steel alloys, or aluminium.

We can colour brass, bronze, copper and other non-ferrous metals.
Burnishing is possible for steel only – not stainless steel.

Colouring the surface of non-ferrous metals triggers an artificial ageing process. The burnishing of steel provides temporary protection against corrosion. 

Metalworking companies as well as private individuals requiring services in the fields of façade engineering, carpentry, beer brewing, art, aerospace, shop fitting, plant engineering and the manufacture of reservoirs, tanks and containers etc.

Leveraging a variety of polishing agents and discs as well as many years of experience we can achieve different levels of glossiness, ranging from pre-polish to yacht-style mirror finish – whatever our customer desires.

Grinding means removing thin layers of metal. The more coarse the grinding medium, the more material is abraded.

The upper tips of the ground surface are broken, thus creating an even, satin-finish surface.

Using round glass beads in various grain sizes, parts are cleaned gently, given a uniform satin finish and also strengthened.