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Gentle and thorough: glass bead blasting

An everlasting silk-mat surface for aluminium & Co.!

During glass bead blasting, different types of round glass beads are used instead of sharp-edged sand. They clean way more gently yet thoroughly.

Glass bead blasting also creates an everlasting silk-mat surface, which is neither reflecting nor glaring. In addition, the surface is hardened through glass bead blasting.

Using different blasting grits enables us to create specific surfaces with various roughness depths and gloss levels for special purposes, such as for the automobile or pharmaceutical industry. We are happy to inform you in detail about glass bead blasting.

Are you looking for a partner with experience in glass bead blasting? Whether you seek serial or individual production – our grindery Hofe team will advise you competently and with dedication. Simply give us a call …