Industrial cleaning and coating - Munich

Cleaning & industrial coating – protection and an attractive appearance for your product!

Surfaces of the highest quality


Cleaning and degreasing of all types of metal using the latest ultrasonic technology – all metals are carefully prepared for further processing without the use of solvents.

Industrial coating: 

We prime and coat your workpieces in clear coat or in the RAL colour of your choice – whether they're made of steel, aluminium or brass. Industrial coatings with textural coatings are also not a problem for us. Our spray stations are equipped with a water curtain to ensure dust-free surfaces on your workpieces and a very high quality coating. Our kiln reaches up to 180° Celsius and fits profiles up to 3m in length.

Galvanising? Our service for you:

If you want to galvanise your workpieces, we will be glad to take your unprocessed goods and forward them to our well-proven partner for galvanising. We’ll take care of it.