Cleaning & industrial coating – protect and enhance the look of your product

Surfaces of the highest quality through cleaning & industrial coating

Metal cleaning
We clean and degrease all kinds of metals using the latest ultrasonic technology. Surfaces can be cleaned gently and thoroughly without the use of solvents by generating specific frequencies and can then be prepared for further processing.

Industrial coating
We prime and coat your parts using clear coating or the RAL colour of your choice – whether they are made of steel (iron), aluminium or brass. Industrial coatings with a textured finish are also available.
Our coating chamber is state-of-the-art and therefore guarantees a very high coating quality as well as dust-free surfaces. Our kiln can be fired at up to 120° Celsius and accommodates profiles of up to 3 metres in length.

Galvanising? Our service for you
If you want to have your parts galvanised, we will gladly take them over in their raw state, pre-process them and then pass them on to our tried and tested partners for galvanising. Just leave it to us.