Rim repairing and coating: perfection all round

Nice rims, nice car

You spend all night dreaming about the perfect rims for your new car, and then all it takes is a little carelessness and they are ruined. No need to despair, the Hofe metal polishing shop is your specialist in wheel rim repair and always “fixes it”. We repair virtually any kerb damage to your car or motorbike rims. Professional grinding creates a smooth surface again. Rim repair is completed with a high-gloss polish using special buffing and polishing discs.

Rim coating – how wishes come true

You have your own ideas? As a specialist for rim coating, we can turn them into reality. Whether clear or in colour, the experts in our metal polishing shop will be happy to help you find the right coating for your rims. And should a partial polishing of the rim bed be desired at a later date, we professionally mask off the coated rim surfaces and provide a shiny finish.

The Hofe GmbH metal polishing shop in Munich has all that is needed for repairing and coating wheel rims. We restore your damaged rims to a high gloss and make your colour dreams come true.
Just give us a call, our team is waiting for you!