Rim repairing and coatingRim repairing and coatingRim repairing and coatingRim repairing and coating

Rim repairing & coating: let’s get rolling

Nice rims, nice car

Day and night you think deeply about the perfect rims for your new car, then a sudden moment of carelessness – and the rims are damaged. No need to worry! Polisher Hofe, the expert in rim repairing, will fix it for you. We correct and repair virtually any kerb mark damage on your car or motorcycle rims. A homogenous surface is achieved through professional buffing. The rim repairing is finished via mirror finish (partially or completely) using special grinding and polishing wheels.

Rim coating – that’s how dreams come true!

Got an idea of your own? Your rim coating specialist will bring it to life! Whether you prefer your rims clear or in colour, our experts will happily assist you in your requests. In case you later need a partial polishing of your rim well: the coated rims are masked professionally and provide a brilliant finish!

The polishing company Hofe in Munich is the place to go when it comes to rim repairing and coating. We make your damaged rims look like shiny-new again and meet all your colour requests. Give us a call – our team is looking forward to assisting you!